Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We do What We do What We do

It's no secret that we have stayed mum on our story lines, however, there is rhyme to our reason. Our hope is to get people excited about the project by showcasing the nostalgic art, whimsical animation, and playfully hip music, without blowing the plots of the stories. So, how do you as a blog-hopper know that we are the right fit for you? It's a legitimate concern that demands serious answers, so we contacted MIT to design a short questionnaire that will help you decide if Children Kids is right for you. When they stopped answering my phone calls and got the restraining order (they totally went weird on us), we decided to contract the job out to the soiled homeless man that lives under my stairs. His payment, a half eaten eclair, and a broken lighter. Here is what he came up with.

the children kids and you quiz number 1a

1. Do you enjoy breathing or not enjoy breathing?
2. Do you have at least one of the five senses?
3. Would you agree that bad things are bad for stuff?
4. How tall would you say that is? I think I'm bleeding.
5. She's fat.
6. Question?
7. Is having fun better than having cancer?
8. True or False, Maybe or What?
9. Would you punch a polar bear if you knew he couldn't fight back?
10. Would you hug that same polar bear and buy him some shaved ice as an apology for the cheap shot, only to knock it out of his hand and hit him again? (he can't fight back, remember? you could do this all day long)

Here is how we score this. If you're alive and still reading this, then this cartoon is meant specifically for you, own it, kiss it, love it. We've spent months crafting these fables just for you, tailored for your personal enjoyment, designed to make your hearts and minds sing love songs to one another. It has been no easy task that we have taken on, and we are working like beavers on crack to finish it for you as speedily as possible. Alas, we will not skimp on the quality, for it is our goal to blow all of the un-blown parts of your mind, put the pieces together, and re-blow them again. We're grateful for your patience, and please stay tuned for the final delivery. It'll be worth it.


Damian and Amy said...

stop teasing us. At least give yourselves a deadline!

Jacob said...

Im stuck on question 6.