Monday, July 7, 2008

Did you know Crayola is Spanish for Crayon?*

*I learned that from my neice’s “My First Spanish Word Board Book” when I was on vacation with her a couple weeks ago. It made me wonder, though: which came first? The brand? Or the word?
oh, and ps: has anyone seen that super-cool 3D street chalk? check it.


Camille said...

I've seen this before! Was it on sesame street? And it seems like I remember different music. And who knew factory workers were so happy!

Tony said...

I loved the video the music I even liked. It made me want to work in a Crayon factory.

Rachel G said...

I rememeber seeing this on sesame street! I wasn't a fan of orange then, but I pretty much love it now.
I still don't want to work in a crayon factory, no matter how happy the employees are. (They're faking it).

moldy said...

I totally remember that from sesame street!
Where is the one where they fry tortillas?
I wonder if the factory people would be smiling if they knew the things I drew as a kid. Army guys getting blown up people getting eaten by sharks. The usual.

jbiz said...

I tried sniffing Crayons for a while but it didn't have the desired effect, at least not the effect that the video instilled in my hopes. I think the perfect ending to this video would have been for the kid to continue coloring and then the Crayon breaks in two. My idea is that the factory people were holding their laughter at what would befall this poor, innocent girl. It's true and you all know it!