Saturday, August 9, 2008

it’s about time, isn’t it?!

A few days ago I took a couple hours off from the grueling work here at sqatterStudios to go have lunch with my lady-girlfriend-wife, Suzie (third from the left). We went to this super sketchy Asian Buffet on Center Street in Provo that maybe I will refrain from naming—save to say that it’s name is super cliché Asian. I had never seen a soul enter that restaurant before, but we were feeling brave and so we ventured in.
We were greeted coolly: “Buffet or menu?”—though it was really more like a statement than a question. Following the adventurous vein, we chose the former. And ate quickly and spoke in uncomfortable whispers in the empty room while the staff waited with tired, yet piercing eyes for us to finish our plates.
The highlight of the meal—aside from the banging Mongolian chicken and the heavy as rock jell-o, was the prize awaiting me in my fortune cookie dessert:


and then, wait for it…

the numbers:

even has my lucky three…
no one take them, they’re mine.


Camille said...

Yesssssssssssss!!! I was just saying how hard you work, remember? All of it good too.

This does deserve congratulations.

Nigel said...

I got that same fortune the last time I ate at that same restaurant, about about 2 years ago (give or take). Strange coincidence? Destiny? I still have it somewhere, I saw it last week when I was hunting for my nice gouache set.

jbiz said...

4-8-15-16-23-42 were the numbers I got last time I ate there! Then I got this horrible streak of bad luck. I've spent every conscious moment of my recent days running around Center and Freedom trying to rub my bad luck off onto anyone that I see!