Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ferocious Ferociousness

A manic pace has taken place at squatterStudio, and all the beauty that is Children Kids is beginning to manifest itself before our veriest eyes. All the colours are churning out colourfully, the movement so very, very moving, and there is an electric sense in the air that Micah's musical mind is swirling like unto a mighty maelstrom, ready to be gathered up and sing life into the world that we have been creating for nigh on a year-two months.

Promises have been promised to our fans, that our progress is progressing along, and so it does my heart well to deliver the happy tidings of our recent sprint to the finish. This fight to the hall of Valhalla has not come without casualties, as Berk just got over a recent bout of food poisoning and I got a sliver in June. And though the battle is not yet done, we face the rest of it, fearing not spoiled Subway Sandwiches, nor the evil splinter in the thumb. Soon, the very all of us, will join together for the unveiling, where there will be tears of joy, and delicious chips and dip, I imagine.

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Seranterrol said...

you should really add some way to contact team members aside from commenting. But for Micah, holy crap man... Your music is fantastic. If you ever need a keyboarder... then hire one better than I am. But if there is an emergency, you know where to find me.
Just saw the preview. It looks like it's going to be awesome. Nice work guys.