Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carla Winslow!

Lover of rules and socially awkward, Carla Winslow has all of the ingredients necessary to realize her dream of one day becoming a police officer. Stern little Carla is unable—and unwilling—to resist a good healthy tattle. With milk carton in hand, and milk mustache under nose, Carla can usually be seen roaming the playground and halls looking for purveyors of injustice. Highly competitive, she will try to out-do any of her classmates, though always within the rules of play.

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Carla Winslow


Rachel G said...

Seriously Cole, you are a great writer! I love reading every word that your fingers type! Type away!

cole said...

thanks, but………… that's not me.
that's devon and joe. i'll pass your compliment their way.

Anonymous said...

These dolls are amazing. I like every one of them. I hope you are putting little tags on them because they will become collector's items by this time next year. That's a promise.

cole said...

no tag sewn into them, but they all come with their own hang-tag—including a check out library card that's signed by camille and individually numbered.