Monday, June 16, 2008

Voice Over Auditions

A few weeks back we put the word out on the street that we were preparing to hold open auditions for the part of the narrator and the Zak and Jack characters. We had a suprisingly positive turnout! In retrospect, it was clearly obvious that we had no clue what we were doing as we provided our auditioning performers with all the refreshing fruit, bagels with cream cheese and peanut butter spread and ice cold milk they desired. Any phlegm inducing substance was at their disposal. But we had several dozen people audition, each bringing their own strengths and flavor to the story. A handful of them have done some industry work in the past that you may recognize, so I thought it might be interesting to share in our blog. It was fun to watch them all vying for the opportunity to be involved with such a groundbreaking project. As charming as they were, however, none of them quite had that IT factor we were looking for...

James Earl Jones. What a diva. We loved his energy and thought he did a great read, but holy cow! Check your ego at the door, man! Complain, complain, complain. If I hear, “May I please have a glass of water...I can barely breath in this meat locker...I've been locked inside for two hours without a must be 115 degrees in here” one more time, I swear I’ll lose it. Be professional Jimmy! It's a miracle he gets hired anywhere with all his bellyaching.

Too Aslan-y. And UK-y. And Liam-y.

This one was a shame. Extremely impressive resume and great just turns out he’s dead. This could have been quite useful information before his agent booked the audition. Very awkward. We didn't get much of a performance out of him. Furthermore-hot, stuffy old meat locker plus hot, stuffy old meat usually equals a malodorous repugnance not to be believed. This case was no exception.

Now here was a true class act. We liked everything about Morgan and would have liked to hire him, but he contracted the hanta virus from the mice inhabiting Vincent's body and had to be taken to the ER for treatment. He's expected to make a full recovery...just not within our time frame.

When all was said and done we found a genial sounding avuncular, talented, hanta virusless gent by the name of Rudy Anderson that I think we all like for the narrator. Unfortunately, he lives on the east coast, so we won't get him back in the studio until July.

As far as the voice for Zak was concerned, we easily had a dozen kids come in and read for his part. None of them sounded right. Some were too much, others not enough, and some just plain should have stayed home. When it appeared all was lost and we were never going to find the right kid, this little boy walked in and we knew at first sight he would be the one. And then he started to speak! Needless to say, he got the job. Casting perfection.


Sienna said...

very nice. morgan freeman, i can't believe i was late to work that day. so sad. i am such a fan.

Micah said...

My mother in law was just reading this to herself, but exclaimed aloud " you guys got James Earl Jones?!"

Good photo shop work Devon.

Devon and Alicia said...

Thank Cole. I just provided him the pictures. He did all the fancy cutting.

Grant said...

You guys rock. This post alone has made me a lifelong children kid fan.