Saturday, June 14, 2008


sorry for the repetitive use of this character pose—it’s all mock-up stuff. I should probably do some more drawings just so these stills can be more varied. The main point of this shot, though, is the lockers: the coloring, the numbers, the plaques made of little typographic dingbats and so on, the wall texture, etc.


angie panian said...

hey cole, this looks like a really great project. do you need voices for the show? cause I know the perfect guy. he can do any voice or sound. it matt, from square magazine. he actually does sound effects for Comedy Sportz. i showed him this blog, and he started doing a kid voice, it was funny. you had to be there. anyways, i hope things are going good for you. let me know, seriously, he could help you out if you need it.

cole said...

angie—there's a post coming up about our VO tryouts, but we actually had Matt in here. We were rolling on the floor. He's great. Stay tuned.